This February, moissanite made its triumphant return to the popular TV shopping network EVINE Live. It was a night of firsts for both the network and for Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite™. The broadcast celebrated EVINE Live’s first anniversary, as well as the first appearance of Forever Brilliant® moissanite on a television shopping program. It also featured new, exclusive designs by Charles & Colvard® representative and first-time EVINE Live guest host Nathalie Betito.

We’re huge fans of Nathalie, the talented designer behind Venazia™ Haute-Couture and one of our frequent guest bloggers, and were so glad that she was the one representing moissanite to EVINE Live viewers. We interviewed Nathalie about her experience as a guest host and a designer – here’s what she had to say.

What drew you to becoming a guest host on EVINE Live?

EVINE represents a wealth of taste. I can relate to the audience, having been a viewer and admirer myself. As a designer of high-quality jewelry, I share the vision of “selling the dream” like the guest hosts of EVINE’s past and present. I wanted to make a statement with moissanite jewelry and showcase the inspiration behind the magnificence of Charles & Colvard. I am attracted to all things that share the same commitment to excellence as I do. Being a guest host on EVINE was more than just an honor and special privilege; it was my way to connect with the dreamers of the world.

Nathalie Betito, jewelry designer & EVINE Live guest host

Did you have a favorite item in the Forever Moissanite™ collection?

One that comes to mind is the Forever Classic™ Moissanite 14K Two-tone Gold 1.48 DEW Halo Band Ring. It’s like a bouquet of white gold orbiting a bursting sun. The smaller moissanite gems surround the center stone in a soliloquy of sharpness. The yellow gold creates a unique aura that gleams through the subtle finish of the dominant white gold cascade.

Nathalie’s favorite item in the EVINE Live Forever Moissanite™ collection

Which was the most challenging piece to design?

The 7.30ctw cushion cut ring was one of the many items to sell out during the show!

Had you ever been on TV before?

A few times. I feel comfortable in front of a television camera. I cherish and embrace every opportunity to connect with the dreamers out there in the world. There is nothing I love more than to tell the world, “You can have it all with moissanite.”

What was your favorite moment of the EVINE Live show?

Showcasing the fire and brilliance of moissanite in each piece of jewelry was truly breathtaking. Seeing how fast some of the designs were selling out during the live presentation was a true testament to the timeless glamour of Charles & Colvard. It truly shows how well our product meets the desires of our audience.


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