What drew you to becoming a guest host on EVINE Live

EVINE represents a wealth of taste. I can relate to the audience, having been a viewer and admirer myself. As a designer of high-quality jewelry and accessories, I share the vision of “selling the dream” like hosts and guest hosts of EVINE’s past and present. I wanted to make a statement with Moissanite jewelry and showcase the inspiration behind Venazia and the magnificence of Charles and Colvard. I am attracted to all things that share the same commitment to excellence as I do. Being a guest host on EVINE was more than just an honor and special privilege, it was my way to connect with the dreamers of the world.


Did you have a favorite item in the Forever Moissanite collection?

One that comes to mind is the Forever Classic Moissanite 14K Two-tone Gold 1.48 DEW Halo Band Ring. It’s like a bouquet of white goal orbiting a bursting sun. The smaller moissanites surround the center stone in a soliloquy of sharpness. The 14k yellow gold creates a unique aura that gleams through the subtle finish of the dominant white gold cascade.


Which was the most challenging piece to design?


I would have to say it was the Forever Brilliant Moissanite 14K White Gold 3.13 DEW Round Cut Statement Ring. Finding the symmetry within the assortment, while giving each moissanite an identity of its of its own was a challenging balance. While every piece is handmade, you can see from the versatility and complexity of this piece the true dedication we put into our creations.


  • Had you ever been on TV before?


Yes, and I feel very comfortable in front of a television. I cherish and embrace every opportunity to connect with the dreamers out there in the world. There is nothing I love more than to tell the world, you can have it all.


  • What was your favorite moment of the EVINE Live show?

Showcasing the fire and brilliance of Moissanite in each band and bracelet was truly breathtaking. Seeing how fast some of the designs were selling out during the live presentation was a true testament to the timeless glamour of Charles and Colvard. It truly shows how much our product is conceived to meet the dream of our audience.

  • What are you most looking forward to being as a guest on EVINE Live and a Charles & Colvard representative?

I’m looking forward to continue surprising and inspiring people with the sheer magnificence of Moissanite. It’s evident that our designs speak for themselves and every day I am blessed with the opportunity to create more pieces that capture the imagination and redefine standards of aesthetic beauty.


  • How did you prepare for being on a live broadcast?

I watched a few EVINE broadcasts prior to the broadcast just to get the idea. I didn’t have to research or prepare too much because I love Moissanite jewelry as a practice of passion. Much of the time went into finding the perfect wardrobe selection to match the fire and brilliance that I was showcasing to the world. I did do a few breathing exercises just to get comfortable with doing a live presentation. My focus was to let the Moissanite creations speak for themselves through their exquisite designs. It’s truly a blessing to work with such a luxurious and eclectic product such as Moissanite. It felt as though I was introducing a material manifested from dream itself. My focus was on just having fun and sharing my passion with the dreamers out there.

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